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October 27, 2008

How much hat…

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Bunny's Turkish Pattern CapHow much hat could a worried mom knit if a worried mom knit all night?

Turns out you can knit pretty much if you’re up all night! But let’s start at the beginning of this story.

On Wednesday as Bunny and I were going into school he said to me, “It sure would be nice if I had a hat.” Words to warm a knitting mom’s heart. Wednesday night I gave him a number of choices and he decided he wanted a hat to match Daddy’s, the Turkish Patterned Cap I knitted for B. I tried the existing model on Bunny and figured out the sizing.

Thursday afternoon I left school early and headed to Reagan National Airport to catch a flight to Chicago for a meeting of an advisory board I serve on. The trip was flawless. I got lunch in the airport, got on an earlier plane off the stand-by list, and even ended up in an “Economy Plus” window seat with and empty middle seat. While in the airport I had executed the cast-on and once settled in my seat I merrily knit along all the while thinking about how lucky I was and how much I enjoy color work!

Landing was easy and I headed through O’Hare to the shuttle area. They say the hotel shuttle comes every 20 minutes, the past two years when I have gone to this meeting I have had to wait 30 minutes each time. It was exactly 10 minutes from when I arrived at the bus stop till the bus arrived. I checked into the hotel, dropped my stuff in my room, and tried out the free happy hour! Happy hour and a bite to eat and I was back in my room, amazed at my fabulous day… and a little concerned about what fate had in store… little did I know.

Friday morning, great breakfast in the hotel, a few rounds on the hat, and then downstairs for my meeting. The meeting was good and interesting. I feel like I had things to contribute and that I learned some things as well. Then my phone rang a little before 2:00 central time. When I saw the school’s number on the caller ID my heart flipped. My friend and teaching colleague JulieFrick was on the other end. She said they had already called B, but that Bunny was quite hurt and it was likely that his elbow was at least dislocated. From that point on the day rapidly went down hill. B left work and raced over to school (damaging the left front of his car on the way out of his work garage) he talked to both the pediatrician and the insurance on the way and after consulting with the school nurse he scooped up Bunny and they headed to Georgetown University Hospital. Much waiting and some x-rays revealed that he had indeed broken his arm and surgery was needed to repair it. (If you like that sort of thing, click here for the x-ray.)

Bunny Post-OpThrough all this I’m getting to and then waiting at O’Hare. Luckily I was already scheduled on an evening flight, because everything was overbooked. I knit some, but I think I mostly looked at my phone willing it to ring with news. By the time I boarded the plane I knew that Bunny would have surgery while I was in the air and that B felt comfortable with the guy who was performing the operation.

I did knit on the hat on the flight and for the first time ever was asked to put my knitting away for landing… When we landed I got to through the airport and on the shuttle to my car into my car and on my way to the hospital. Luckily I had packed an extra night’s worth of everything so I was set to stay at the hospital. I got the the surgical waiting room and met up with B and not long after the surgeon came to tell us that all was well. Bunny now had four pins in his arm and a giant cast.

We got to a shared room in the pediatric ICU shortly after midnight and B went home to get some sleep. I stayed in the room, knit, listened to my iPod, and dozed. In the morning the decision was made that Bunny should stay till about 1:00 so that they could give him the final dose of antibiotics. He was having some pain, but they were able to control it. We have discovered that he doesn’t identify the pain right away, but starts falling apart about any little thing and then we know there’s pain.

Discharge went as planned and we were home by mid-afternoon. Bunny and I both had a nap and a good night’s sleep on Saturday night. By yesterday he was feeling pretty good and went to a birthday party as planned. Today he and I are both at school!

All’s well that ends well… I feel thankful that at every step of the way Bunny had outstanding care. I’m hoping I can get his hat done tonight, maybe I should start working on a giant mitten as well!

October 13, 2008

Time flies…

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There’s something about the rhythm of teaching school that is soothing… every year is the same, just the main characters change. You would think by now I would remember how hard the start is every year, but somehow, each year I’m surprised.

We’re just back from a truly relaxing week-end that has left me feeling renewed and refreshed. We left later than we intended on Friday, but did manage to make a final trip to the beach for the season. Because I have the best in-laws in the world, and they have a trailer on 4 spots away from ours, I got perhaps more sleep in a single week-end than I have since before Bunny was born! All that sleep has left me on a Monday evening (but really it’s more like a Sunday evening with the holiday and all) with the energy to quickly bring blogville up to date.

MmmmmmalabrigoSince we last spoke we received the wondrous Malabrigo from SuperCrafty and the Grade 6 knitters are off and running. While a few are still working on their “practice” many are learning the joys of knitting a cowl with yummy goodness. I knitted one for myself, binding off as we rode the bus to the Grade 6 fall camping trip. I then proceeded to wear said cowl for the entire 3-day trip. After that abuse it needs a good washing before its photo shoot!

loads of Legos!We arrived home from camping on Bunny’s 6th birthday. My how time flies! He calculated that if he aged another year for each birthday celebration he’s now 12. His birthday was well celebrated to say the least, with different events stretching over eight days. One of the many highlights was the Pirate Lego party held with 18 of his closest friends. We rented Legos for the event. 30,000 of them! A good time was had by all the kids, and the adults involved were all exhausted!

Tomten in progressWhen we got ready to leave for this week-end’s trip I grabbed Bunny’s long neglected Tomten. What fun it is to knit on and I am nearing the end of the first sleeve. I have high hopes that I’ll actually get it done in time for wear this fall! Luckily it seems that it will still fit, and he still likes purple, whew.

I have other things that need to get done, most pressing is sewing up the squares for a group baby blanket. The squares have been done since mid-summer, I’m just putting off the sewing… now I’m thinking about crocheting them together, perhaps that would be interesting enough to get me on the case! I have ordered Cascade 220 from The Loopy Ewe to start on holiday felted clogs. I have the pattern for the children’s but have to track down the adult one. Anyone know of a lys in my area that carries it? Seems a shame to pay shipping.

Only three teaching days this week (Friday is parent-teacher conferences) so I’m hoping that my state of restedness might last…

September 4, 2008

How time flys…

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How did this happen?

Bunny, first day of N

First Day of Nursery (Fall 2006)

Bunny, first day of PK

First Day of PK (fall 2007)

Bunny, first day of K

First Day of Kindergarten (fall 2008)

July 22, 2008

Wedding recap

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Flower Girl dress frontFlower Girl dress backWhile the wedding of my brother-in-law to his darling was not the wedding I would have chosen for myself, nor did it proceed at the pace I would have chosen, it was perfect for them and they were pleased. In the end, that, and a long and happy life together are what is important.

The flower girl dress turned out quite well if I do say so myself and the fit was perfect. The final formula, size four top and size eight length. I could have gone even longer, but I think it looked fine. The last minute trauma was the realization that one can not seem to purchase a half slip for a little girl. (As an aside, the sales women in the girls department at Sears didn’t even seem to know what a slip was…) So late Friday morning I cut apart an old slip my mother-in-law had and remade it into a slip to go under the dress.

Ring BarerFlower Girl in actionFor Bunny, there was much less sewing involved, I only had to shorten his pants. Easy-peasey after making a dress!

Both kids did a great job during the short, but very hot, service and I was quite impressed with the rent-a-pastor. I was particularly proud of how well Bunny did in the receiving line. Shaking everyone’s hand and looking them in the eye. I guess all that money on Tae Kwon Do has been well spent!

Ring Barer in actionDuring the reception, after the meal, the bride and groom performed. Him on keyboards and her on vocals. It was neat to see them do what they truly love. If you would like to hear more of my brother-in-law’s talents you can go here.

the bride and groom performColes PointOn the trip back we made a detour to go to a town which turned out only to have a bar and a post office, but had a great name, and thus photo op!

July 9, 2008

Wow! Thanks SP!

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Today was one of those days when I just wasn’t all I wanted to be… Didn’t get much done around the house (we’re preparing for a yard sale this week-end) and then while I was the good mother and took Bunny to the zoo after camp, I got overly exasperated with him when we had to make not one, but two emergency potty trips up a giant hill… How is it that the zoo can be uphill both ways?

On an up note I did quite well at the Interweave Scratch and Dent sale, snagging over $200 worth of books I have been wanting for less than $100. Then the best part of all. When Bunny and I got home from the zoo there was the large, bulky envelope sticking out of the mailbox. While Bunny was disappointed that it wasn’t for him, I was thrilled, it was for me! My remarkably local SP had sent me a gift! And what a gift it is…

Thanks SP!

Feast your eyes on not one but two skeins of Classic Elite Silky Alpaca in the Apricot colorway… so soft!

Two mini soak packets. One floral one citrus.

A little Yankee Candle that’s French Vanilla.

And see that blue pouch there? That’s not just a pouch! It’s a handknit washcloth! And there was soap (Burt’s Bees) inside. Hey SP, what pattern is this? I love it!

A beautiful card came too!

Thanks SP!I feel very spoiled indeed! Perhaps this will inspire me to do some massive cleaning out tomorrow. I would love to have a whole mini van full of stuff to take up to my parents’ for the yard sale.

PS: if you’re going to be in Lancaster, PA on Saturday and like yard sales, there’s going to be a whole street of them… let me know if you need details.

July 5, 2008

Flowers, Food, Floods, Fireworks, Fourth

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Our day yesterday…

Flowers from Mount Vernon We started the day yesterday at beautiful Mount Vernon. While B played in a concert on the lawn Bunny and I explored the out buildings and gardens. Bunny decided that we should photograph the insects in the garden. I’m not sure I always got the bug in the picture, but there were some pretty flowers nonetheless! There were also costumed soldiers, a replica of the Liberty Bell, and people passing out birthday cake!

July 4th dinner

After we got home there was time for a nap for me (yeah!) and then it was off to Fairfax High School for another band concert and fireworks. We got onto the field and staked out our space. B went up front for the sound check and Bunny and I hung out and tried the moon bounces. Bunny’s dinner was the all-American meal, corn dog and kettle corn! I had the all-American Pad Thai and chicken skewer. It was great and there was plenty for me to save half for B.

Soggy 4thAs we were eating, the clouds got thicker and thicker. The scene around us soon looked like this. And the rains came. The band played on. The rain continued. The band finished, the rain let up. A Jimmy Buffet tribute band played, the rain started again. The 1812 Overture was canceled. B packed up his horn. The rain got harder. The fireworks went off as the rain poured down. Soaking wet we trudged back to the car. We had some blankets in the car so we stripped Bunny, wrapped him up, and he was asleep before we were out of the parking lot. At home I dumped all the wet stuff in the tub and have been washing today. This may be the end, however, for our NeatSheet, it had puddles on it last night…

July 3, 2008

Strep… and some knitting!

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Antibiotics... Just what every family needs… matching antibiotics. I took Bunny for his physical on Tuesday and when the doc looked in his throat he decided then and there that there would be no vaccinations. “Just a virus I think,” said the doc, but he decided to do a strep test just in case. Mind you, this child has not been acting sick. No complaints about sore throat, and the only stomach aches have been when he’s bored in the car. (Previous strep has resulted in stomach aches.) They do the swabs and the nurse is back in less than five minutes… it’s positive. We get a prescription for antibiotics and it’s off to CVS.

Of course as soon as the doc started talking about Bunny’s throat mine started feeling funny. I figured it was all in my head and didn’t think much about it till about 5am Wednesday morning when I awoke with a pounding head ache and a killer sore throat. A call in to my doc and I was being seen by 10am. Quick strep test showed two lines so either I have strep or I’m pregnant. Since she stuck a swab down my throat, I’m going with strep. So I now have my own antibiotics and am recovering.

Once we knew that I had strep too, B went off to the nurse at his work for a strep test as well… his was negative, he’s missing all the fun!

Hemlock ring centerMeanwhile, on the knitting front, since the red socks are done it was time to cast on for the next project (I say this as if there aren’t a multitude of UFOs, but you know…) A Hemlock Ring! On July 19 my brother-in-law is getting married so I am making a Hemlock Ring for the happy couple. They live in Oakland, CA so I figure they need something to take away the chill once in a while. I’m knitting it from Baby Twist by Alpaca with a Twist. It is so soft and lovely! I have the center section done and am on to the feather and fan part. I really like the way it’s knitting up, and haven’t gotten bored yet…

Tonight B has a concert with his quartet. Tomorrow he is playing with two other groups, one in the morning and one for a fireworks display. If you’re in the DC area and want to join Bunny and me in the audience for any of these let me know and I can give you full details. I would love to have company older than 5, and we have both been on antibiotics long enough that we’re not contagious!

June 8, 2008

Summer time…

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Now I’m just waiting for the living to get easy…

Last week was the final frenzy, and then, in the magic that is teaching school, suddenly at 5:55 Friday afternoon it was all done. The papers were all graded, the grades were all turned in, the room was clean, and all of the forms had been finished. It was summer!

Bunny in a Tide PoolAfter the faculty end of year party we headed down in a late night trip to the beach. Leaving at 10pm sure helps beat the traffic! I fell into bed about 1am and was fast asleep, no more worry, it’s over. Unfortunately, Bunny had been asleep since 8:30 so at 6:10 he was wide eyed and bushy tailed telling me “did you know? We’re at the trailer!” Luckily Grandma and Papa were up for an early morning visitor. So after cereal with Dora he was off to their place and I was back asleep. Next thing I knew it was 10:30! Wow, it must be summer!

beach viewOff to the beach. Bunny played in a tide pool, I sat under an umbrella and knit, and B hit the dollar store. Ah, everyone happy.

Unfortunately, B had to head back home Saturday evening to play a concert Sunday, so he hitched a ride with his aunt and Bunny and I were on our own. Well, not exactly, since Grandma and Papa were five trailers away. Bunny thought we should hit the boardwalk and who am I to argue. I Won!We had treats and played skee ball and I actually won a prize! When I think about all the skee ball I have played in my life that’s one expensive tiny stuffed dog. But he was thrilled, and I have to admit I was pretty excited too!

Back to the trailer I let him stay up while I finished sewing a lining onto the curtains for his trailer room. I was deluded with the thought that a dark room would make him sleep later. He was up 90 minutes past his bed time and was still up by 6:30. Thankfully, Grandma and Papa had invited him over for breakfast so off he went. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep, but had a peaceful morning knitting and watching Juno and DIY network.

The rest of the day has been dominated by constant reminders that I let the young prince stay up too late last night. But despite the whining we made it home safely and B has taken him out for dinner and left me home alone.

Tomorrow camp starts for Bunny, but only 10 – 1. And what will I do with the precious 3 hours? Go to the gym? Knit in a coffee shop? Get a pedicure? Nope, I will go to school for a meeting… Summer?

April 11, 2008

Lima Peru…

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08 Spring Break Cruise 001As in, “What do you knit for someone moving to Lima Peru?”

Bunny’s teacher this year has admired his mittens so I figured I would knit her a pair for an end-of-year gift. Come to find out, she’s moving to Lima over the summer. From what I can gather, it seems mittens would not be very useful there… So, I need ideas? What to knit (pretty fast) for someone moving to a warm climate? Maybe I’ll knit the mittens for the assistant teacher, she’s staying here!

The photo is Bunny in National Airport waiting to leave on Spring Break. He’s watching They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast on my iPod (you have to look, just to see the knit Giants). On this trip we discovered the joy of iPod for child entertainment. Not only did he enjoy TMBG, but we checked a number of book/CD combos out from the library, put the audio on the iPod and he listened and “read” on the plane.

Of course the iPod was also loaded up with many knitting podcasts!

November 20, 2007

Bad blogger…

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I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. I could come up with all sorts of excuses, but really none are very good. So, in no particular order here’s what you missed while I wasn’t blogging.

I got this awesome yarn from Patty of Midwest Knit Girl. I won it in a tag line contest. She dyed it herself with kool-aid! Cool! I’m pretty sure it’s the KnitPicks Donegal bare. In any case it’s super cool with little flecks of all different colors. There was some candy too, it, um, didn’t make it in the photo!


This, ladies and gentlemen, is a piece of unpopped popcorn. Where did it come from?

Why see that rather red ear? Yup, that “piece of wax” in Bunny’s ear turned out to be none other than a piece of popcorn. Been in there three weeks… go figure!

I had fun knitting up a bunch of tiny socks. Cousin Mel put beads on them and actually sold a few at a craft fair! I plan to knit more of them this week-end and use them for Christmas gifts.

The final news is that I have booked a trip for Bunny and I to go to Disney World! I am super excited and have traded my obsessive web reading time from knitting to Disney! More info about that later…

In the meantime, off to PA for Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy yours!

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