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July 5, 2006

Our trip – Skagway

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Skagway busThe second port was Skagway. We debated the White Mountain Railway but since there was fog and clouds we decided to pass on the pass (groan). We settled to the short bus ride to town and then a walk around with a little shopping.

We also saw a crusty old sourdough looking for ladies!

B Sourdough

July 1, 2006

Our trip – Juneau

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The first day was at sea so I don’t have any photos. tramwayThe next day we docked at Juneau. From where we were docked you had to take a bus to town, but it was really cheap. We took the bus to town then took the Mt. Robert’s tramway up the mountain.

It was cloudy on the way up but fun none the less. At the top they had a bald eagle they were rehabilitating, two gift shops, and a theater. In the theater we saw a movie about the native people of the area and then saw a story teller perform one of the traditional “Raven” stories. It was very interesting and well worth the trip up. When we came out of the theater the clouds had cleared some and we could see our ship far below.

B did some shopping in Juneau (for my birthday!) and the rest of us returned to the ship. Later we set sail for Skagway.

June 30, 2006

The trip begins… Vancouver

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I just downloaded the 243 pictures I took on our trip and have made the decision that you don’t want to see them all (in one post that is). So I’m going to spread them out by location…

We left home at 3:45am on Friday June 17. TBFiL (the best father in-law) took us to the airport. It was a groggy, grumpy group of 5 consisting of myself, Bunny, B, and my parents (G and H). We arrived, checked our mountain of luggage, and proceeded to security only to find it didn’t open till 5. Why, then, did they tell us to arrive 2 hours early?

It was an uneventful flight to Houston and then change and on to Vancouver Canada. The customs/immigration line was long but kept moving and once we were through we found the cruise representative and were onto a bus toward the hotel pretty quickly. G fell asleep on the bus and missed lunch and a storefront fish and chips place and then we all napped. jade elephantsA swim in the hotel pool followed and we proceeded to a Thai restaurant across the street for dinner. The place was neat and I was sure G would like it with animals on the walls, little shrines, etc. But there was a statue just above our table that freaked him out. Oh well. He did like the display of rows and rows of jade elephants.

A good night’s sleep, breakfast at Denny’s, and a little shopping at Roots and we were back on a bus. This time headed for the ship! We set sail on the Celebrity Summit bound for Alaska and leaving Vancouver behind.

Vancouver skyline

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