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December 28, 2007

Quick post…

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Christmas was good, now it must be cleaned up before my parents arrive tomorrow! I have a quick question, though. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket and want to spend it on a knitting bag. I am willing to pay quite a bit, but want something that I can use a purse and a knitting bag. Any suggestions?

December 17, 2007

An actual FO

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While I seem to have fallen off the face of the blogosphere, I have, in fact, been knitting. So, I present Bunny’s Top Down Raglan. Please ignore the hair very much in need of a trim and the rather strange expression. The photo shoot took place in my classroom at 7:55 this morning when he was supposed to be heading to his own class!

I knit this from the Barbara Walker book Knitting from the Top that I got for Christmas last year. I started it in March as a knit-a-long with others from Sweet Life Knitters, but they all finished in June. Oh well…

It’s knit from Gedfra Korfu that I got at Big Lots for $1.99 a ball a while ago. I loved working with the yarn and and totally bummed it’s discontinued.

The whole sweater ended up longer than I intended, partly because I forgot to take the width of the band into consideration when stopping the body… I knit the arms the correct length and it doesn’t look too funny. I also tried tubular bindoff three different ways. One way on the waist, one way on the cuffs, and a third way on the neck. The neck was the most successful, but they all look ok after washing!

It was finished for him to be able to wear in the pageant on Wednesday. But, come to find out he has been select to have a part. So, he got to wear it today!

I have also been turning out dish cloths to be Christmas gifts. Bunny and I head to Disney on Wednesday. Mom and son alone… wish me luck!

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