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August 26, 2007

Vote for Me?

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Well, a whole lot of people have much cooler sock on vacation photos than I do. Check them out here and vote if you’re eligable. Voting for mine would be nice, but there are some great ones there!

While you’re traipsing around cyberspace, check out Holly’s contest let her know I sent you and one of us might win some very pretty yarn!!

August 22, 2007

We have a Winner!!

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OK, Siegfried and Roy it is… not the one I would have picked, but let’s hope you all represent “the pubic.” I used a random number generator and Amber is the winner. I’ll get your package together! My parents are due to arrive in about 15 minutes, must find the dinning room table under the giant pile before then!

August 20, 2007

Quickie Contest!

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I am part of the Summer of Socks, albeit a poor representative since I have knit a grand total of 2.3 socks since the beginning of the summer, but we’re not going there. In order to feel I am a true Summer of Socks participant I’m planning to enter the “Socks on Vacation” contest. However, I’m having a little contest to get you to choose which photo I should enter. Below are the possibilities, the judging for the contest will be popular choice so think about what the masses will like. Leave me a comment about which one you think I should enter and you will be entered to win a fabulous prize!

#1 Sock with Siegfried and Roy: Ok not actually with them, but with me and a cardboard cut-out of the fabulous duo and one of their stars (also cardboard). Taken outside Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden.

#2 Sock and the Bellagio Fountains: If water can dance in a desert, who says a half knitted sock can’t watch?

#3 Sock with cool Cirque guy: He’s one of the character ushers at the Cirque du Soleil show KA. It was amazing, sock made a new friend.

#4 Sock winning at the slots: Notice that the machine shows a 120 credit win. Wouldn’t it be cool if it had been dollars rather than pennies?

Let me know which you think has the best shot, but hurry. Entries are due Wednesday August 22 by 10 pm so the voting here will close at noon eastern time on the 22nd. Remember, you opinion counts… and could win you a prize!

August 15, 2007

What did you do last night?

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Oh, me? I SAW THE OMONDS! Yup, we’re in Vegas and scored some tickets to the Osmond’s 50th reunion show. All those Osmonds live on stage. While we’re not huge Osmond fans it was a fun show and I am really glad we went. We ended up buying tickets from a guy in a hat for about half price, so that was cool. The show was being taped and will be on PBS during pledge time so you can see it too.

Some observations:

Donny is still cute.

Osmond fans are old (even older than me, mostly).

Despite their age, many will stand for the entire concert, making them seem like teen-agers.

There’s nothing like a little choreography to impress the crowd.

Another indicator of the crowd’s age, they went wild at the mention of PBS… or maybe they just wanted to be on T.V.

The Osmonds really enjoy each other’s company or are really good actors.

Donny is still cute!

I’m left with one final thought: If I had 8 more children, what are the chances they would be this talented? I’m thinking not good, so it’s not worth trying!

Hope you’re all having fun. We’ll be back home Friday night.

August 10, 2007

Stash Enhancement

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Remember that rush in college when you would go to your mailbox and find that little slip that said you had a package? For me the best ever was one that arrived one winter from a friend of my parents who just happened to be a Tastykake delivery person…

Today was almost as good… I was inside talking on the phone to my boss about details of the upcoming (far too quickly) school year and heard the mail arrive. I didn’t get excited because there was no knock on the door, and besides Blue Moon just mailed the package the other day from way across the country. I was leaving to get Bunny from the last day of camp and actually stepped on the box! Good thing it wasn’t Tastykakes.

Quickly home from camp I got to the job of opening. First, everything was in a bag that said “I’ve been Blue Mooned” how cute is that. And then, there it was, stash joy! You see I needed some Mediumweight STR so I could totally copy Julie’s BSJ. That was there in Jade. Since I was ordering anyway, and had the coupon from the sock club I got a few extras. Heavyweight in Space Dust, I think this will be another baby sweater of some sort and lightweight in Stormy Weather, that might be socks for mom. I also got New Pathways for Sock Knitting and it looks great.

I’m not totally sold on the Jade to go with the Scottish Highlands on the BSJ (which was completed at SLK last night) but Julie is bringing Biscuit over for a play date and dinner and I’m sure she will convince me it’s great. As well as showing me how to do the i-cord edging. Besides Tina recommended it and we know she is color genius!

In other stash news I never posted about the great yarn I got in Halifax when we were there in early July. I was wandering around and found a store that sold hand knitted items. I asked the young woman in the shop if there was a knitting store within walking distance. She sent me over to the Loop were the woman working kindly looked up the rest of the directions for the Broadripples for me. They had a lot of lovely things, but I settled on something local. It’s 50% mohair 50% wool hand painted and called Give it a Whorl Fibers. It’s so soft and pretty and I’m sure it will make something….

Now, maybe I should go find some Tastykakes…

August 9, 2007


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This is a delayed report on finishing my Shedir. I finished it on July 22 in a hotel room in Miami, but haven’t been able to get any good photos. Today I decided to give up and post the bad photos!

I started Shedir for Bonnie, but unfortunately by the time all of the exploratory procedures were done the decision was made that comfort rather than treatment was the best course of action. In fact, Bonnie died on the 24th, just two days after I finished knitting. I will put this away to save for someone else… hopefully a long time from now!

Despite the sad circumstances, I really enjoyed knitting this. The yarn, Andean Treasure was a delight. So soft and fluffy. This was my first real cable project and after reading all about cabling without a cable needle, I bought a cable needle! I don’t think I’m ready for going without yet. This was also my first project purely from a chart. I thought I “wasn’t a chart person” but I was wrong. I loved how much I learned about reading my knitting.

Today I started on my Super Secret Summer Project (SSSP). Yes I know it’s mid-August and the summer is all but gone, but I will get something off my to do list even if I don’t sleep!

In other news, I have finished my first Inside Out Sock in blue and am almost done with the Baby Surprise. I’m off to Vegas on Sunday… long flight = much knitting! Any good yarn sources in Vegas?

August 2, 2007

All STR all the time!

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I seem to be on a Socks that Rock kick at the moment. I have three projects that I would call “active” and they are all with STR mediumweight.

First, work continues on the Chevron Scarf. I really like knitting on it because it’s mindless enough to do almost any time! I like the way the colors are coming out. I’m using Lemongrass and Seastone and think they look great together.

I think the scarf is about 25 inches long at the moment (total guess) and the balls look pretty much unused so I think I have a while to go!

Next, I’m almost done with a sock! I’m knitting the first club pattern (finally) but knitting it in a more solid colorway. This is called Midsummer Night, but a colleague who saw the sock in progress said it should be called “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

I am pleased with how the sock is turning out. There’s a little bit of a weird bump on the front of the ankle, but I’m learning to live with it. I should be able to get the first sock done today, just a cable round then five plain and I’m done!

I cast this on in Miami and then did a bunch of the foot there. I turned the heel at a lake party and then did much of the leg on planes going to and from Detroit on Tuesday and Wednesday. It looks like I will finish the sock in under two weeks, I have no idea how people make a pair a week!! An interesting aside, when I went through security last night in Detroit the TSA guy looking at the little screen looked at me and said, “socks, huh?” I said yes and he said, “That’s what everyone is knitting on those little needles.”

Along with hundreds of others (more than 200 according to Ravelry) I am making a Baby Surprise Jacket. This is in the Scottish Highlands colorway, not something I would think of as baby colors, but I had it in stash when I got word that the baby might be arriving early. Things have stabilized and the due date is back to early September, but I have decided that this is a nice, sophisticated, gender neutral choice. I have consulted with the BMFA ladies to get a semi-solid to use as an edging because I am totally copying Julie’s. But imitation is the most sincere form a flattery right? I’m attempting long sleeves and will provide details when I’m sure it’s going to work!

Hope you’re all well and not melting. My traveling continues, Chicago next week (work) then Las Vegas the next (play). And still so many summer projects to get done. Perhaps I should call in sick for September!

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