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June 27, 2007

Off we go…

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I’m posting tonight because tomorrow evening I will either be crazy packing or will be off to Sweet Life Knitters, we shall see what the day brings. Friday morning, after I have a crown put on my tooth, we will head to Baltimore to board the Grandeur of the Seas! But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We had a nice visit from my cousin and her baby Hanna (recipient of this and this). I was glad that they could come while Hanna’s daddy was traveling, but having a 10-week-old in the house reminded me why we are a “one and done” family! The photo shows Bunny holding Hanna and has been dubbed, “Cousins with Binkies” certainly one for the baby books.

I did my best to keep everyone busy while they were here. We managed a trip to the zoo and one to Baltimore to meet up with my parents so they could meet their grand-niece.

Bunny enjoyed the zoo so much we went back again today despite the 90+ heat. The nice thing about living close is we can go for an hour and leave. I think my new favorite animal may be the Sloth Bear.

There has been knitting going on in addition to baby rocking and burping. I am close to the toe decreases on my second Broadripple and I have cast on and gotten about 15 rows into a Shedar. Not like I needed a new project, but a cousin of the best father-in-law in the world is battling cancer. It’s not clear if chemo is in the plan, but I figured I better get knitting.

Much of my “knitting” time has been spent on Ravelry. I have gotten in all of my 2007 projects so far as well as part of my stash. The rest will have to wait till July when Bunny is in camp all day.

As alluded to earlier, we’re off on vacation. A nine-night cruise to New England and Canada. I’m looking forward to it and am working on my knitting list for the trip. I’ll certainly take and finish the Broadripple socks and hopefully finish the Shedar as well. I bought some chenille to make a gift with and will take that as well. I think that instead of taking Bunny’s raglan I will take something new, perhaps that new alpaca and the Shetland Triangle pattern. I also need something semi-mindless. I wonder if the Chevron Scarf would fit that bill?

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July, we will celebrate it in Canada 🙂 “See” you all when we return.

June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

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Yep, today I turned old -1.

We’ve been having fun with a visit from Baby Hanna and her mommy and today the mommy stayed home with her child and mine and sent me off to the knitting store! I got a cable needle and a 16″ circular Addi #3 and have been knitting away on a Shedir.

Time to turn in early for a birthday treat!

June 18, 2007

Small Things

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Friday night we drove up to retrieve Bunny from his, now exhausted, grandparents. I got up Saturday morning for a quick jaunt in the country leaving B, Bunny, and the grandparents to fend for themselves. My mission, the Eastland Alpacas! May I just say it was well worth the trip. First there were Alpacas, with their very adorable faces, almost as far as the eye can see. The babies were up by the driveway, are these people smart or what?

After I oogled at the cute animals for a while I headed into the Farm Store… Some nice things made from alpaca, sweaters, mittens, etc. And then she showed me the yarn! They had a bunch of different kinds from Peru, some from the co-op they are a part of, and then she showed me some that she had commercially spun from their fleece. It was a done deal. I bought two skeins that I estimate are about 250 yards each. It seems about a sock weight and is a beautiful black. I’m thinking a stole of some sort and would love suggestions!

I also finished the doll socks and they were given at the party tonight at Chuck E. (please pass the aspirin) Cheese. I am pleased with the results, but think I will stick to socks for humans from now on! They were knit from some KnitPicks Shimmer that I had left from the Birch I knit last summer.

PS: Happy Anniversary B! Turns out 13 is lace, textiles, or fur…

June 14, 2007


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I have determined that Home takes on new meaning when you’re an adult. Is home the place you grew up or the place you live now? Both, but that might make for confusing reading of a blog post.

Monday Bunny and I drove home where we visited my parents. There was fun, knitting, and celebrity sightings! Thomas wasn’t allowed out of the shed till the week-end, which was just fine with Bunny who is strangely frightened of Thomas (ok, maybe it’s not strange to be afraid of a train with personality, but he has no problem with other inanimate objects with personality).

There was also yarn shopping at a great store in Bird-In-Hand called Labadie Looms. She had a fabulous collection of fine yarns as well as a lot of roving and weaving supplies. I think it may become a regular stop on trips home. I bought some hand dyed superwash for myself and some for my SP.

I also got some supplies for a Super Secret Summer Project that I’m quite excited about!

Bunny has stayed on with Grandma and Papa while I returned home. Life without child is nice for a while! B and I will head back up tomorrow evening to visit and pick up Bunny and we will head home Sunday. In the mean time, enjoy my Broadripple. One done since this photo, one to go. The current distraction is a pair of knee socks for an American Girl Doll, a gift for a birthday party on Monday, wish me luck on that idea…

June 6, 2007


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Here was Bunny on the first day of school those many months ago and again today, the last day of school. A bittersweet moment indeed because he has had such a fantastic introduction to school and the wonder it brings. On the first day of school he knew letters but could only, almost, write his name. This morning he was writing words on my chalkboard, a child on the verge of reading.

As a teacher, today is a relief. Sure there are still forms to be filled out and grades to be recorded, but it’s over, done, kaput. Now it’s time for summer!

What will summer bring? Some travel, some rest, lots of knitting, and Ravelry! When the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted blogging about actual knitting with return to include the state of the clapotis and some socks!

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