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July 31, 2006

While the kid’s away…

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The mom will play! Yesterday my parents took Bunny home with them for two nights so I am FREE! I think I will spend the time cleaning and organizing, sounds fun, huh! I was in northern NJ for the week-end for a bridal shower and left my camera there. So no photos on the blog for a while unless I find my old camera.

The best part about the trip was that I got a whole repeat done on Birch and am excited to be working on it again. Oh I just sent email to sign up for th the M-D Swap, I figure that’s my one way to get a warshrag for myself!

July 25, 2006

Fuzz Fest

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fuzzWell, I decided to felt the buttonhole bag and the box tonight. Turns out it takes almost exactly one episode of “Blues Clues” to run one cycle through my washer. This was the first time I felted two things at the same time and I also forgot to put in anything else. The result… lots of fuzz. I’m thinking tomorrow I will have to get busy with a razor!

I have the One Skein book on my list now, but the gift card is bigger than that. Any other suggestions? My current knitting library is:

I would like a sock book, I just started my first pair after taking a class with Janet Rehfeldt where she taught toe-up two at a time on a long circ. I like it and would love to get a book that had patterns I could use with this technique. She has a book coming out, but it sounds like it will be a while! Suggestions?

July 24, 2006

Project updates!

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  1. Fuzzy Feet for Cheryl and Michael — DONE
    Fuzzy FeetMy cousin Cheryl is getting married Labor Day week-end so my mother and I are throwing a shower for her this week-end. I knit two pairs of Fuzzy Feet for them in the same colors. I will give them the felting directions so that they can custom fit them! I am thinking about a tin of really nice hot cocoa to go with them with a note about frosty Chicago mornings. Any other suggestions about something small to go with these?
  2. Small Box for Marni — knitted, still needs felting
    Marni's Box My other cousin, the sister of the one being married, is having a birthday. I made the small box from the Mason Dixon Book for her. I’m not all that thrilled with how it looks and I am hoping it’s trip through the washing machine improves it! I think I’ll buy a pair of earrings from Melissa (a cousin on the other side) to stick in there in case the box still looks strange! Also, what was I thinking on the colors? The whole Christmas thing didn’t hit me till I was too far in to change.
  3. Buttonhole Bag for Mary — knitted still needs felting
    Mary's bag While in Maine I stayed with Mary who just happens to have a July birthday. I took her to Halcyon and had her pick out the colors for her Buttonhole Bag. After not knitting these for a while I forgot how fun and quick they are to knit. I think this one will be really cute when felted. Since she picked out the colors I don’t feel a need to include anything with this gift!
  4. Stripey Socks — my first socks ever are still in progress, I’m almost to my arch!
  5. Birch — oh yeah, really need to get back to that
  6. Avery for Bunny — well, he wouldn’t wear it in the summer anyway!

I’m thinking pretty seriously about ordering the Knitpick’s Options needles. They look nice and the reviews seem good. I just can’t understand why they don’t have double points in bigger sizes. Is there some trick I’m missing?

Finally, there’s a Barnes and Noble gift card burning a whole in my pocket. Big Girl Knits is certainly on the list but I’m looking for suggestions. What’s your favorite knitting book?

July 17, 2006

At least my hobby doesn’t have to be waterproof!

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I have been away from blogging partly because I keep having great blog ideas and then I want to get them done before I make a new entry… There’s the “Bob the Builder” one, the “Why I don’t like airports”one, the “why Rogaine for woman is a good idea” one and some others as well but I decided to make the entry for today and if I get to the past ones great, if not, so be it.

Today I am in Portland, ME. And while walking around downtown I came upon the Boat Building Festival sponsored by the Compass Project. It seems that in 2 1/2 days teams of people (who have paid for the privilege) build wooden boats. Not my particular cup of tea, but seems like a neat event. As best as I could tell today, all day, was waterproofing and they were hard at work, hence the title for this post!

Also while walking I came upon this great quote on the fence of a church. “Knowledge is an island surrounded by a sea of mystery.” It is attributed to Chet Raymo and it particularly struck me since I had spent the day thinking about how children learn and what I want from my students. I’m thinking that may be my motto for the fall!

SunsetI did a little shopping and had a great lobster roll with my friend Mary.  She and I have been friends ever since she arrived on this earth about four weeks after I did. It was great to catch up with her, see her office, and some of her new town. Tomorrow I spend the day in the workshop and then head through Freeport (L.L. Bean here I come) and up to her home in Bath. Know what else is in Bath? Yep, Halcyon Yarns and you can bet I will be going there.

On the knitting front, I was at a knitting convention over the week-end and that will be a whole other post. If you want some info check out what Julia has to say. I do, however, have this to show for it. Yep! Those are the tiny toes of my first socks ever. Knitted toe up, two a at a time on one long circ. I am so proud and soon they will cover my toe nails! Not waterproof by far, but cute and stripey even on the rather strange texture of the hotel desk chair!

July 16, 2006

AL Challenge #4 good use

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Birch markerIn this challenge we were asked about a use for our lace in the current state… well here it is! As a door marker! But his is not some sort of “if the sock’s on the door, roommate stay out” marker. You see, tonight I am in my third hotel room in 5 nights and well, they don’t put the room number on the key and how is a girl to remember where she left her undies? Birch to the rescue! Hang a little lace on your door and never hunt again!!

July 5, 2006

Not too bad for a week-end

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of course it was a 4-day week-end!fuzz feet progress

All told I am not the world’s fastest knitter. I knit at I guess a medium speed, and am easily distracted! The lace knitting was going slowly so I thought perhaps I would get something done. I had the yarn to make Fuzzy Feet for my cousin and her husband to be for the bridal shower mom and I are giving at the end of the month. So I pulled it out on Friday and by the end of the fireworks last night I was done with two and had cast on the third! I feel quite productive.

I have never made socks of any sort so I was pleased with how easily these went together. I did have an edge, however, since I had helped a bunch of my students make these in the spring! No “second sock syndrome” here… but we will see when I get to the fourth!

Our trip – Skagway

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Skagway busThe second port was Skagway. We debated the White Mountain Railway but since there was fog and clouds we decided to pass on the pass (groan). We settled to the short bus ride to town and then a walk around with a little shopping.

We also saw a crusty old sourdough looking for ladies!

B Sourdough

July 1, 2006

Our trip – Juneau

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The first day was at sea so I don’t have any photos. tramwayThe next day we docked at Juneau. From where we were docked you had to take a bus to town, but it was really cheap. We took the bus to town then took the Mt. Robert’s tramway up the mountain.

It was cloudy on the way up but fun none the less. At the top they had a bald eagle they were rehabilitating, two gift shops, and a theater. In the theater we saw a movie about the native people of the area and then saw a story teller perform one of the traditional “Raven” stories. It was very interesting and well worth the trip up. When we came out of the theater the clouds had cleared some and we could see our ship far below.

B did some shopping in Juneau (for my birthday!) and the rest of us returned to the ship. Later we set sail for Skagway.

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