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July 3, 2008

Strep… and some knitting!

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Antibiotics... Just what every family needs… matching antibiotics. I took Bunny for his physical on Tuesday and when the doc looked in his throat he decided then and there that there would be no vaccinations. “Just a virus I think,” said the doc, but he decided to do a strep test just in case. Mind you, this child has not been acting sick. No complaints about sore throat, and the only stomach aches have been when he’s bored in the car. (Previous strep has resulted in stomach aches.) They do the swabs and the nurse is back in less than five minutes… it’s positive. We get a prescription for antibiotics and it’s off to CVS.

Of course as soon as the doc started talking about Bunny’s throat mine started feeling funny. I figured it was all in my head and didn’t think much about it till about 5am Wednesday morning when I awoke with a pounding head ache and a killer sore throat. A call in to my doc and I was being seen by 10am. Quick strep test showed two lines so either I have strep or I’m pregnant. Since she stuck a swab down my throat, I’m going with strep. So I now have my own antibiotics and am recovering.

Once we knew that I had strep too, B went off to the nurse at his work for a strep test as well… his was negative, he’s missing all the fun!

Hemlock ring centerMeanwhile, on the knitting front, since the red socks are done it was time to cast on for the next project (I say this as if there aren’t a multitude of UFOs, but you know…) A Hemlock Ring! On July 19 my brother-in-law is getting married so I am making a Hemlock Ring for the happy couple. They live in Oakland, CA so I figure they need something to take away the chill once in a while. I’m knitting it from Baby Twist by Alpaca with a Twist. It is so soft and lovely! I have the center section done and am on to the feather and fan part. I really like the way it’s knitting up, and haven’t gotten bored yet…

Tonight B has a concert with his quartet. Tomorrow he is playing with two other groups, one in the morning and one for a fireworks display. If you’re in the DC area and want to join Bunny and me in the audience for any of these let me know and I can give you full details. I would love to have company older than 5, and we have both been on antibiotics long enough that we’re not contagious!


  1. what a beautiful pattern, and it does look so soft

    Hope you all get better soon

    Comment by Miss 376 — July 3, 2008 @ 11:14 am |Reply

  2. I’d guess strep too. 🙂 Hope you two feel better!

    That Hemlock Ring is really gorgeous – you’ve done so much so quickly! It will be perfect for Oakland weather – which is the most perfect in the whole world, btw, not that I’m prejudiced in favor of my home town….

    Comment by Carrie K — July 3, 2008 @ 3:34 pm |Reply

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