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September 19, 2008

Two FO’s and news of a UFO refound

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In a fit of finishing I have actually managed to finish not one, but two projects!
Reverse Bloom
Reverse Bloom Washcloth from Week-End Knitting knit in Crystal Palace Chenille. This is for our next-door-neighbor who turned 80 this summer. Ravtails.
Rattlesnake Creek Socks
Rattlesnake Creek Socks from Wooly Wonka Fibers knit in Dream in Color Smooshy from The Loopy Ewe. These had a tumultulous start and were for the previously mentions Sock Knitters Pentathlon, but sadly were not finished by the deadline. That said, they’re great socks and I enjoyed knitting them a great deal. Ravtails.

After finishing these and swatching for a sock class with CookieA this week-end I was left rather at loose ends on the knitting front. So off I went to my bag of UFO’s and found my Shetland Triangle started in the summer of ’07. What a delight to knit. I wonder why I put it away?

September 16, 2008

The world is a better place!

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Ready for Knitting Class
Because as of 4:00 there were 9 new knitters in it! The new year of after-school knitting has started and I have 9 girls and 4 boys eager and ready to create! Thank goodness for the four who could already knit, KnittingHelp videos, and my colleague who teaches knitting with me because we managed to get everyone knitting in under an hour!

Time will tell what arrives tommorow…

We’re doing our best to teach them about knitting with “the good stuff.” We’re starting them out with donated acrylic and then once they show they can knit they move on to Malabrigo! Yup, because of the great prices at SuperCrafty we were able to get each kid a skein of his/her own and we will set forth and make cowls!

September 4, 2008

How time flys…

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How did this happen?

Bunny, first day of N

First Day of Nursery (Fall 2006)

Bunny, first day of PK

First Day of PK (fall 2007)

Bunny, first day of K

First Day of Kindergarten (fall 2008)

September 1, 2008

End of Summer Wrap-up

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My classroom is ready.

I know what I’m going to teach.

I have clean clothes.

School starts tomorrow… Ready or not, here we go again!

But for today, I’m thinking back to the summer!

ravthlete I competed in the Ravelympics!

And I won two medals!!
ravelympics medal for Bag-n-Tote Backstroke ravelympics medal for Felted Freestyle

Surprised that I managed to start and finish two projects during the Olympics? Me too. Of course, there was a trip across the country and a cruise so there was penty of knitting time!

My projects were Elisa’s Nest Tote and Children’s Felt Clogs. Both were great fun to knit and I’m already planning repeats of both. I think I better start stocking up on feltable yarn, I see a lot of clogs come Christmas! Didn’t The Loopy Ewe say they would have Cascade 220 soon? That could be dangerous…

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