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September 26, 2007

Now with photos!

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Again, many thanks to Mary for a great Football-a-Long swap package. I have plans for the yarn and the carry case is great! So far Bunny hasn’t discovered the stickers, but loves his coin purse for all his many treasures! And the buttons! So cute, I know they will find their way onto something very soon. Thanks!

In other news, there has actually been a fair amount of sewing going on at chez NK. I put the sweater into Biscuit’s Tomten for Julie. There’s been other sewing as well, but it must remain under wraps until the gifts are received!

In the knitting world, knitting class has resumed and I think all seven of my lovelies can knit now, most even end each row with the same number of stitches they started with! Their first project will be a simple washcloth directions here and about a thousand other places on the web. I have been knitting up samples that will become the birthday gift for Aunt Nancy!

Yes, birthday season is arriving at our house. Sunday evening will be the joint family party for Bunny (turning 5) and Nancy (turning more than 5, she’s B’s aunt). Then Wednesday is the actual BIG DAY for Bunny, but B will be parenting solo since I will be camping with Grade 6. I arrive home in plenty of time for the Build-a-Bear party (one step above CEC) the following Saturday… I’m tired already!

September 19, 2007

Thanks and a good photo

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First, thanks so much to my football-a-long pal Mary who sent me a great package! (Mary tell me your blog so I can link you!) If I am ever home when it’s light I’ll get photos. I got three skeins of Soft Sea Wool (red and white!), one of these (totally cool and useful) in red, some great stickers, some football buttons, and even a little something for Bunny! He loves is buffalo coin pouch and has all ready filled it with treasures! In case my pal is reading, most of the parts of yours are due to be delivered here tomorrow so there’s hope you’ll see it before too long!

In other news, I finally have a good photo of the Avery sweater I knit for Bunny. Enjoy.

Back-to-School night is tomorrow at the same time The Harlot will be speaking. I suspect the parents (and administration) will notice if I’m not at Back-to-School night so no Harlot for poor me. Ya’ll tell her I said “hi!”

September 12, 2007

Little Sky Socks

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When I got the book New Pathways for Sock Knitters I had to put it away. My fingers were itching to make something from it right away. I finished the Inside Outs and onto the needles flew the first practice sock, Little Sky.

I used yarn left from Bunny‚Äôs Stocking (Shelridge Farms) and really figured I would make it and then frog it. I also used it as a practice for knitting with two circs, totally cool, have to get more circs…

When the first one was done, it looked a lot like it would fit Hunter (and the color was perfect) so I knit the second. Not only do they keep his toes warm in the overly air-conditioned daycare center, but he also wore them for over two hours without pulling them off! Baby sock success by any measure! Now, onto the next ones!

I love this book.

Full details here.

September 7, 2007

Sock, Sock, Sock, and a Surprise!

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Despite the lack of blogging, there has been some knitting going on. That, and a whole lot of crazy since today is the last day of the first week of school. Whew. Somehow the ramp-up to the start hit me harder this year than most. I mean I’m always crazy, but this year I was super crazy. In any case, the year is settling in and the new crop of kids seems nice. Not brilliant, but nice and I’ll take nice over brilliant any day!

On to the knitting! I finished my Inside Out socks. The pattern is from the Rockin’ Sock Club (February). The yarn that came with it is very colorful and I thought all those cables would look better on a plainer yarn. These convinced me to go with something plain. I used Midsummers Night colorway and really like these. In fact, I just ordered some capri jeans just because they will look great with the socks! More details here and on Ravelry.

In other sock news I am loving New Pathways for Sock Knitters and knit up the practice Little Sky Sock. Since it looks like they will fit some small child in my life I decided to knit the other one too. I love the way these are built and can’t wait to get further in the book… oh the possibilities! I’m knitting this with some of the left-over yarn from Bunny’s Christmas Stocking. I’ll have to look up what it was because it’s knitting up really nice. They will be more like slippers though, far too thick to fit into shoes.

And a Surprise. A Baby Surprise Jacket that is. I started doing the attached i-cord and really didn’t like the color combination so I decided to go without. I found buttons I like and just a few days ahead of schedule baby Maya arrived. This will go in the mail to her this week-end. More details including how I did the longer sleeves are here and on Ravelry.

Whew, Friday afternoon and the quiet settles on the building. Now, to get ready for next week…

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