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December 18, 2006

Sailing, Sailing…

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If I have done this correctly, this post will appear about when we are boarding the Celebrity Zenith for an 11-night cruise! I should have lots of knitting to show off when I return, but thought I would leave you with both my best wishes to you and yours for a joyful, and peaceful, holiday season and also some photos that 4-year-old Bunny took! Enjoy… And when you’re done pop on over to see the amazing job Julie did on the new Yarnival! It should keep you busy until I return.

December 17, 2006

Sweaters small and medium

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Presenting Avery modeled by Bunny! Finally finished. This is the only even vaguely decent photo (his eyes are blue in real life, not red) I have so far of Bunny in his sweater. In this photo he is leaving the Christmas Pageant where he knew all the hand motions and even sang some of the words.

I will post full details at some point along with better photos. But for those who can’t wait, the pattern can be purchased here and this was knit with KnitPicks Simple Stripes (in a color that seems not to exist any more) and Essential (in Ash).

I also finished and mailed a much smaller sweater. This is the Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. I made it in Socks that Rock heavyweight (Seal Rock). The matching socks are in the light weight. I did some pattern adjusting because the yarn was thinner than what was called for. In addition, I did a moss stitch border because I like stockinette, but hate the curl. I thought that with yarn with this much color I didn’t want ribbons so I used clear thread to sew three sets of snaps on for closures. Hopefully I will get a photo of Baby Vivian modeling the ensemble!


December 14, 2006

On Deck

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StockingSo, middle of Monday night/early Tuesday morning I realize that my eye is glued shut. Being a good elementary school teacher  recognize Pink Eye and know that I will be banished from school. At 3am I drove to school, got ready for the sub, and then drove back home. By mid-afternoon on Tuesday I had the pink eye diagnosis and was told not to go to school on Wednesday. By the end of  Tuesday I had the heel turned on Bunny’s stocking and the sleeves set into his sweater!

Wednesday I felt fine early on and got all the wrapping done for the Nursery Teachers gifts and went to get my hair cut. After that I started feeling terrible… By then end of Wednesday I had a bunch of gifts wrapped, had finished a mystery story, and had a diagnosis of strep. Good thing for antibiotics!

The other thing I did while not teaching was work in getting my cruise knitting list in order. Eleven days on the high seas should provide plenty of knitting time!

1. Hat for mom

2. Hat for dad

3. Bee set for baby B (bee-striped socks and hat and a bib with a bee)

Being optimistic I would like to take something else as well. I have some (ok, perhaps more than some) sock yarn so I’m thinking I will take it and some sock pattern. I’m ready to try something more than a stockinette sock, so… What’s your favorite? What sock pattern should I take along?

December 10, 2006

Blocking Bonanza!

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Yesterday morning was remarkably productive! First I sewed all the patches onto Bunny’s new Tae Kwon Do uniform. My that was a pain… I hope he’s not a Boy Scout! Then we went to said Tae Kwon Do class where I got some knitting done. To the bagel store for a snack and then home where I plopped the sleep-deprived 4-year-old in front of the TV, tried not to feel too guilty, and got to blocking. Photos from my blocking board clean laundry depository guest bed.

First up the Heart Breakingly cute Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. This from Socks that Rock heavyweight in colorway Seal Rock. The blocking was mainly to straighten out the curling so I can seam it. I bought snaps last night because I have decided to use those as closures. It, with some matching baby socks, are for Baby V born on 11/28.

Next, all four pieces of Avery for Bunny. I can’t believe I’m finally to the finishing stages. I think I started this sweater last January or maybe February. I love the idea of using the self-striping sock yarn, but this does mean you’re making a sweater out of sock yarn. I kept stopping because I would want to work on something where there was actual progress! Now I’m excited to get it done and Bunny will wear it for the pageant on Friday at school where I will point out to anyone who will listen that I knitted that!

The rest of yesterday was good as well. I watched a recorded episode of Knitty Gritty (now that it’s on HGTV it’s on my DVR list) and took a nap! I’m almost up to the heel turn on Bunny’s stocking so need to figure that out. We are not mentioning that he had a giant fit at some point yesterday that he didn’t want a stocking that had a pattern (it’s striped). I figure he will like it once Santa fills it, pattern or no…

On the docket for today, shopping, wrapping, finishing, and a Christmas party where they have more cookies that you can even imagine!

December 6, 2006

Quick Hat

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I have finished the knitting for the Avery sweater for Bunny and decided on Sunday that I would make a quick hat for someone on my Christmas list. Here is it modeled by an agreeable student.

So, doubled Lamb’s Pride Bulky and a few hours of knitting and we have a hat! Basic plan was cast on 44, do some 2×2 ribbing, knit some, decrease some, hat. It worked out ok, I may try blocking it a little to get rid of the bit of a point at the top.

Wow was that ever a change after working on the sock yarn sweater!

Life is buzzing along. I actually got my report cards done and in on time (for a change) on Monday. Also, we booked a great Christmas vacation! More details to come… For now, I have 3 hours by myself, I hear Target calling!

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