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May 27, 2008

Our “place” at the beach

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The other day I mentioned to someone that we have a place at the beach.

Her jaw dropped, so I explained. Our “place” is 32′ x 8′ trailer and is about 8 miles from the actual ocean. (Rehoboth Beach, DE) But, there you have it, a way for us to have a get-away. We’re in a park where my in-laws and B’s aunt and uncle and cousin’s family all also have trailers, so it’s a nice way to hang out with family, and there’s free baby-sitting!

I thought I would share some photos from May 17 when we moved our tailer into it’s spot.

Backing into the spot! (Many thanks to B’s aunt N for getting it to the park and uncle B for driving it into the spot.)

Here comes the new trailer!

Wow, that thing must be heavy, after the terrible rains it left huge ruts in the ground.

whoa, those are deep ruts

Gotta get rid of the ruts… the best part was that the whole time he worked Bunny sang, “all I need is a rake and a hoe.” Too bad the ground under a trailer does not have ideal growing conditions.

getting rid of the ruts

getting rid of ruts

Now to the details of trailer life… Blocking and jacking

working the jack

And hooking up the sewer… for some reason Bunny is very interested in sewer pipes, go figure.

I love sewer pipes

Finally, time to move in!

happy home? owner

I won’t even go into the saga of the broken water inlet or the hot water heater malfunction. However, we’re making progress and spent a nice Memorial Day week-end there. I even managed to make waffles for breakfast, but my methods of measuring were sketchy. Time to clean out my kitchen and take all the doubles to the trailer!

I also need to invest in an outside chair. Sitting on the patio the knitting sounds like bliss! I did manage some knitting this week-end, I’ll try to get that blogged (and it is a long and sordid tale) soon.

The school year is winding down, so it’s crazy time!

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