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May 5, 2008

MDSW recap

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Ok, the food will remain unmentioned as will the cup of gin at the Ravelry party… Let’s see how I did on my shopping list!

  1. yarn for Alan for Bunny (worsted weight about 1,720 yards) [Nope, couldn’t find anything that would work that cost what I was willing to spend on a child’s sweater]
  2. fair isle cardigan kit for me [Yeah me! I bought one from Philosopher’s Wool. It’s called Diamond Eyes Jacket. I’m excited and terrified!]
  3. yarn to make Hemlock Ring for wedding gift (worsted 900 yards) [Brown Alpaca with a Twist, Baby Twist… photo below]
  4. yarn for a girl Baby Bolero (aran/worsted 150 yards) or some other pretty quick baby project [Pink and Green Jamie Harmon hand spun, I’m thinking about Baby Bonnet… photo below]
  5. solid or semi-solid sock yarn [Uh, yeah… Purple, Red/Pink, Blue, Orange, Red, … photos below]
  6. sock blockers [fail]
  7. small bag for carrying socks in progress [fail]
  8. wpi tool with card [fail]

stash 041 stash 052 stash 058 stash 051 stash 047stash 049 stash 045

I also bought some other things… so much for a list…

From Brooks Farm I bought a skein of Solos Silk (browns, purples, oranges) and Acero (very blue). From the Fibre Company I bought 6 skeins (three of each color) of some yarn that I forget what it is… it was their “show special” anyone have details for me? From Spirit Trail some of their Victoria for thick socks for mom. One skein of Socks that Rock (lightweight, knitters without borders), and some Koigu mill ends for baby socks!
stash 048 stash 046 stash 044 stash 043 stash 042 stash 055 stash 054 stash 053 stash 059 stash 057 stash 056


  1. I think the yarn from The Fibre Company was the same stuff I got, which was their Organics or Organiks. Can’t remember the spelling. I got 5 skeins and one of the patterns for the reversible scarf pattern they had hanging right there.


    Comment by Gwen — May 5, 2008 @ 6:18 pm |Reply

  2. The wpi tool with the card could be found at the Mannings with the other Nancy’s knick knack cards.

    Comment by judy — May 5, 2008 @ 7:05 pm |Reply

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