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February 18, 2008

If this is February, why all the deadline knitting?

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OK, so I haven’t been blogging, but there has been knitting going on and while this dreary Monday of a long week-end won’t make for good photos, I do, perhaps, have time to play a little catch-up. (Edited to add, wow the sun came out… Bunny and I are off to the playground!)

Dishcloths three completed so far. Together with a colleague I’m putting together a dish-washing basket for the school auction. I’m providing the dishcloths and she’s providing the earth-friendly cleaning supplies. I have already decided that if the bid doesn’t go high enough I’m buying it myself! So far I have three dishcloths done, all in Sugar ‘n Cream. One in the new stripes, done in basket-weave to take advantage of the stripes, one using some lacy pattern I found in a book, and the third is my attempt at a picture on a dishcloth, this time our school logo, which you totally can’t see. Ah well, it will wash the same! I figure I need to do at least two more, and perhaps more than that to make a reasonable contribution to the basket. Oh, the auction is March 7, that’s soon.

Baby Sweater I am one of three people in the school who’s entire teaching responsibility is math. One has a daughter about to graduate from college and the other’s wife is expecting their second. When he told me they picked 3/5/8 for the c-section on purpose I knew I should figure out a way to make a Fibonacci baby sweater. Knitpicks Shine in sale colors combined with a pattern I bought quite a while ago, and the sweater came to life. It’s pretty cute, now I just need buttons! The pattern is Simply Knitted Baby Sweater and info on my version will be on my FO page shortly.

After finishing the sweater and a dishcloth on Saturday, I figured I deserved a treat so yesterday I cast on for a hat for B. You see, I married a man who does not wear sweaters, and only likes completely plain socks with a high cotton content, so when he asked me to knit him a hat I jumped at the chance. Since the last thing I knit him (and I do mean thing) was a Dr. Who scarf in the late ’80s it seemed like time. I had him looking on ravelry, I made suggestions, and he eventually chose the Turkish-Patterned Cap (ravelry link). He picked Rosemary and Snow Leopard from the Knitpicks Telemark page and yesterday I cast on. I’m really liking how the pattern is showing up, I loved the first rows to make the herringbone braid, but the whole thing is curling, hopefully that will straighten itself out in the end…

I’ll return to working on Bunny’s Tomten soon, I’m almost done with the back. He has announced that he doesn’t want a hood after all, but wants a matching hat. I’ll ask again before I cast off!

Hope all is well with you and yours, we got some troubling news about a cousin yesterday so if you have any extra healing vibes could you send them toward Chicago?

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