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October 7, 2007

What was I thinking?

Filed under: Knitting,parenting — by bethc @ 4:50 pm

A while ago I signed up for the Secret of the Stole, mostly because I felt left out during the whole Mystery Stole process… I was excited, got the yarn, the beads, and the impossibly small crochet hook. Back from camping on Friday I rushed to print the chart and was all excited. I remain excited, but golly, don’t I have enough other projects going? Ah well, some things will have to move the the back burner! I try not to have more than three projects going at a time, lets see where were are:

  1. Bunny’s Raglan (it would be nice to get that done for picture day, but that’s October 16th, perhaps not)
  2. Chevron Scarf (good car knitting and good for other non-thinking times)
  3. Shetland Triangle (yeah, it’s in a bag somewhere)
  4. Demo Washcloth (for knitting class, but since a number of my students have passed me I think I may need to swap this for the Demo Hat, which really needs to get started…)
  5. Cicada Mary socks (Bloody Mary socks knit in Yarn Pirate Cicada, started while camping, toes done)
  6. Secret of the Stole (33 out 0f 83 rows done on clue one)

Clearly I have to do some prioritizing or start knitting faster or both!

On the good side, all of Bunny’s birthday celebrations have (finally) come to an end. Gifts opened, cake eaten, and bears built. (Note unbuilt bear in bad photo on right.) My parents left this afternoon and he’s fried, and hence wild. He and B just left for the playground, we’re going for physical exhaustion! The upside? My house is more cleaned up than it has been in years,  now I just have to keep it this way.

Oh, and Bunny wants to be a hippo for Halloween… any ideas how I can pull that one off?


  1. All I could think of was either a stuffed hippo…or remember that game Hungry Hungry Hippos?

    Comment by judy — October 7, 2007 @ 7:07 pm |Reply

  2. Aw… Bunny looks so happy with his bear in progress!

    Comment by laura b — October 8, 2007 @ 10:28 am |Reply

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