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August 15, 2007

What did you do last night?

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Oh, me? I SAW THE OMONDS! Yup, we’re in Vegas and scored some tickets to the Osmond’s 50th reunion show. All those Osmonds live on stage. While we’re not huge Osmond fans it was a fun show and I am really glad we went. We ended up buying tickets from a guy in a hat for about half price, so that was cool. The show was being taped and will be on PBS during pledge time so you can see it too.

Some observations:

Donny is still cute.

Osmond fans are old (even older than me, mostly).

Despite their age, many will stand for the entire concert, making them seem like teen-agers.

There’s nothing like a little choreography to impress the crowd.

Another indicator of the crowd’s age, they went wild at the mention of PBS… or maybe they just wanted to be on T.V.

The Osmonds really enjoy each other’s company or are really good actors.

Donny is still cute!

I’m left with one final thought: If I had 8 more children, what are the chances they would be this talented? I’m thinking not good, so it’s not worth trying!

Hope you’re all having fun. We’ll be back home Friday night.

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