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July 15, 2007

Airport delays = knitted products!

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I had a quick two day trip to Chicago at the end of the week to present at a conference. I have found that now that I knit all the time, being stuck in an airport isn’t bad! Hours in both Dulles and O’Hare went quickly with knitting to do and knitting podcasts to listen to! A few days before I left I decided I should knit something for my cousin who was trekking out to the suburbs to see me. I started on a Mason-Dixon ballband, and when that was done so fast I started on the inverse. Of course the second wasn’t done when I saw her and I ended up buying her dinner so I didn’t give them away. The good news, they’re both done now and can be put away in case of an emergency gift need!

I also made more progress on both my Shedir and my Chevron Scarf. I started the Shedir shortly before the cruise. I made a mistake on one round early on, but went on. I am slowly convincing myself that I’m ok with that. Unfortunately, it looks like chemo is not in the works for the intended recipient, the progress of the cancer is too great… I will keep knitting, and hoping!

When I bought just a little Socks that Rock at Maryland Sheep and Wool I had in mind that I would make a Chevron Scarf. I cast on during the cruise and am loving the process. So far this scarf has been knit on a cruise ship and an airplane at Tae Kwon Do and Ikea. I love how it’s looking using Seastone and Lemongrass. I think this will be my “on the go” knitting for the summer.

I have discovered that Sunday has a really different meaning when on Monday B will go to work and Bunny will go to camp and I will stay home! Ah, summer lovin’…


  1. oh dear! i always get a little weak in the knees when i see your ms&w haul. i love how knitting and podcasts pass the time! sometimes, er, it passes a little too quickly and i’ve found i’ve knitted my day away. love the chevron scarf! oh, and i’m sending good thoughts out for your friend!

    Comment by crankygrrrrrl — July 15, 2007 @ 6:16 pm |Reply

  2. Ya…having a project on me has made a a VERY patient person 🙂

    Comment by judy — July 16, 2007 @ 12:38 pm |Reply

  3. Thanks for compliments on kauni 🙂 I’m still a little slower when I have to knit with 2 hands verses 1 hand LOL. I’m not that great at continental knitting. But it’s such a beautiful sweater that I have to make myself do the stranded knitting I normally avoid.

    I really love that yarn and how your chevron scarf is coming along! Those colors are just my cup of tea–green being my fav:-)

    Comment by Danielle — July 16, 2007 @ 5:30 pm |Reply

  4. I love your chevron scarf–so beautiful! I think it will be my stress-less knitting once I start working on my thesis this fall.

    Comment by Holly of HollYarns — July 17, 2007 @ 4:43 am |Reply

  5. I love the colors of your chevron scarf! It looks like such a great pattern, especially when the colors work together so nicely.

    Prayers and best wishes go out to the potential Shedir recipient.

    Comment by Nicole — July 17, 2007 @ 4:34 pm |Reply

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