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March 23, 2007

Kimonos, and raglans, and blankets, oh my!

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My SP hostess Shelby has challenged us with a first contest!

First: You must have your questionnaire posted where your pal can easily find it.
Second: I’d like to see what you’re all working on! Please make a post, where you pick one of your favorite current projects and explain why you love it so much! What yarn and pattern are you using? Who is it for??

Ok, questionnaire is done, it’s two posts back and there’s a link under “current activities.”

Right now I am working on 3 projects. I normally try to only have two things going on (in my knitting life that is, in my “regular life” I would be thrilled to have only two things going on!) but babies on the way and a SKL knit-along resulted in three simultaneous projects.

1. Kimono for baby boy M. R is already born, the second child of Bunny’s teacher and the baby brother of one of Bunny’s best friends. The baby’s grandma is a knitter, so I hope this cuts the mustard! Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon. Knit in Mission Falls cotton in a really nifty slate blue color.

2. Top-down raglan for Bunny. A bunch of the SLKs are knitting top-down raglans. Mine is in a cotton-microfiber that I got a Big Lots. I totally forget what it is at the moment. I’m using Kitting from the Top Down as the pattern. I think I’m almost ready to split out the sleeves.

3. Pinwheel blanket for Baby P. A special blanket for a special cousin! Knitted in two colors of Rowan All Seasons Cotton.

I am supposed to pick a favorite, and that’s hard. I like the color of the Kimono a lot, but knitting it is getting hard on my hands. I like the rhythm of the pinwheel, longer and longer stretches of knitting with the yarn overs to keep me from completely nodding off. I guess my favorite is the raglan. I like the stitch pattern, the challenge of knitting from basic instructions rather than a set pattern, and the fact that it goes pretty quickly!

We’re off to the Happiest Place on Earth first thing tomorrow morning! I can’t wait!! I think we will have Internet at the hotel, so you may get the joy of seeing us on vacation…

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