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March 22, 2007

Teach your children well…

Filed under: Knitting,parenting — by bethc @ 4:23 pm

I just love this shot of Bunny winding my Monsoon! We had a little trouble with starting and stopping, but overall he is a champion yarn winder!


  1. That’s awesome! Fun for him and good for you too!

    Comment by laura b — March 22, 2007 @ 9:38 pm |Reply

  2. In that picture, you can see the resemblance!

    Comment by judy — March 22, 2007 @ 11:39 pm |Reply

  3. Great!
    When does he start knitting?

    Comment by Tanja — March 23, 2007 @ 5:22 am |Reply

  4. My children also love to help me wind my yarn. It is a great thing that they want to be helpful.

    Comment by Isela — March 23, 2007 @ 12:35 pm |Reply

  5. Wow – he really looks like you in that picture!

    Comment by Amber — March 23, 2007 @ 3:33 pm |Reply

  6. Exactly. Get ’em hooked young, that way they have no time to get into trouble when they are older!

    Comment by Carol — March 25, 2007 @ 7:07 pm |Reply

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