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November 15, 2006

Flower Power!

Filed under: Knitting — by bethc @ 9:41 pm

What would you do when stuck in O’Hare Airport for upwards of eight hours while thunder and lightning hold court?

Why knit of course!

I present the airport flower power washrag!

The pattern can be found here and I made it from some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille.

You can tell from the photo that I clearly didn’t bring a tapestry needle. Guess I better get working on those ends!

It was quite a fun knit and kept me busy and not too annoyed while my flight was delayed, and delayed, and delayed…

Becca (the pattern designer) was running a cool contest. You were supposed to send her a photo of your knitting being (mis)used for something it wasn’t intended. As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but in any case, here’s the washcloth being used as a holding pen for confiscated items. I really don’t think you need a tennis ball in math class, but maybe that’s just me. Oh yeah, I’m the teacher, I get to decide!


  1. At least the tennis ball is being confiscated in style! šŸ™‚

    Comment by Amber — November 17, 2006 @ 11:17 am |Reply

  2. This is a fun one….I love knitted cotton dish cloths, most of the time I just do the mindless Grannie’s Favorite.

    Comment by Old Knitter — November 27, 2006 @ 9:42 am |Reply

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