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September 28, 2006

We have a winner!!

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I never thought that having a blog contest would cause me such angst. It seemed simple, post some photos, have people make suggestions, have all the people who actually saw the space vote, tally the votes to find a winner.

The first hurdle was getting everyone to vote. There were only four of us so it shouldn’t have been that hard, but between my delay at getting the choices out and their delay in voting it took a while.

I finally had the votes so it seemed like it should be easy. Then I looked at the votes. Each of the four of us had chosen three favorites and when examined them I discovered we had voted for 12 different entries. Was that possible? None of us voted for the same one? It’s amazing we were able to decide on restaurants during the trip.

drawingSo today I made the decision to move to plan B. A drawing among the 12 vote getters. Luckily I am surrounded by 11-year-olds who are willing to do a random drawing they don’t understand!

So, drumroll please, the winner is…

“Easy! That’s Early (Middle, Late) Jersey Shore or just plain Jersey Shore. It’s a mix of what was in the place when you bought it, stuff donated by relatives, garage sale finds, things you have no place for (or your partner won’t allow) in your regular abode), gifts people bring when they come to visit and the obligatory nautical flags and knots. Variations on this style can be seen all along the shore.” from Dana. I think the random system worked, she hit the nail on the head! So Dana, drop me an email and your prize will be on its way to you!!

Thanks everyone!

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