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August 25, 2006

Summer’s End

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As far as I am concerned today was the last day of summer. Now we have a week-end and then the back-to-school meetings start on Monday. Overall, it was a nice summer. There are many things left undone, but that is the story of my life!

My KnitPicks Options arrived this week! I really like them so far and used them to bust out a Mason Dixon Warshrag for the MD Swap. Swap boxThis is all I can show you till the package makes it to its destination… I like the flexibility of the wire on the Options and was easily able to convert to magic loop when I got into the center of the warshrag. One disappointment about the project was the yarn color. I made B stop at a Wal-mart on the way home from the shore and while there one of the things I got was some Peaches’n Creme in the colorway Gumdrops. Trish has a photo of some beautiful knitting with it here. Aren’t the colors great? So I thought… the yarn on the outside of the ball had all those colors, but after the first layer it was almost all white, green, and orange. So much for the pink my swap pal wanted… Anyone else had this trouble with Peaches’n Creme? I guess I should have frogged it, but by the time i realized I was so far in I really didn’t want to start over. Anyway, I sent her some other goodies so hopefully that will ease the disappointment.

bagdIn other news, while I am no Ann I did manage to do some purging in my closet and drawers. That’s four large bags of clothing I took to Goodwill. I realized that even if I ever do manage to fit back into those things I will not be the age I was when I last wore them and thus am unlikely to wear them again anyway. I did find some things I had forgotten about so it’s kind of like I have new back to school clothes.

And speaking of back to school clothes there has been progress on my socks! (Do socks count as clothes?) They are actually covering a small part of my leg Socknow so I am wondering how long I will make them, how I will cast off, and if I will wear them on the first day of school. Nina took a picture of them last night at Sweet Life, if it’s better than this one I’ll get it from her! Since I’m knitting them two at a time when I’m done, I’m done. No second sock syndrome for this girl!

Two big events tomorrow. First, we are meeting with an architect about the possibilities of an addition on our house. (Can you say master bath that fits more than one person standing sideways?) Then we are going to Julie’s for Biscut’s birthday bash. Sunday we rest for Monday it all begins again and I start sixth grade for the ninth time…

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