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May 22, 2006

One part yarn, two parts youth…

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Mix well over two days and the result is a whole lot of Button Hole Bags. What a week-end we had. It was a button hole bag extravaganza. Julia has a full report in her blog. I'll just give you the recipe for success!

Friday Night… Step 1: knit base

knitting base

Step 2: pick up stitches

pick up

Step 3: knit, knit, knit


In whatever position works for you!


Friday night also involved some giggles and a lot of Chinese food!

Saturday… A new day, more bags to knit!Stir in pinch of silliness: Turns out the base makes a (strange) bonnet! Note: these girls have faces… I just don't want them is cyberspace!bonnet

Place in a warm spot to rest


Pause briefly to reflect…


Bake until done. OR "Place in washing machine filled to the lowest water level with hot water. Add a small amount of detergent or liquid soap and a pair of jeans or other clothing (be careful that it not be clothing that will either bleed onto the bag, or that will be ruined if the bag bleeds onto it). Let the washer run through its wash cycle."

Whew… It was fun to spend quality time with our students in a fun, informal setting! All in all we helped 12 people start bags (and raised a bunch of $$). A bunch of the bags were finished by today!

Here is my week-end's work

my bags


Bonus: Can you name this mystery blogger? Ok, it's not really that hard. The real question is can you find the photo she had just taken in her blog?

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