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May 17, 2006

You never know what you might find in the living room!

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Well, perhaps you do know what you might find in your living room… but you see, B and I have a stuff problem. The problem being we have too much stuff. One of the ways I know this is that stuff gets lost under other stuff. As a result when I (very occasionally) go into a cleaning and straightening frenzy because company is coming I think it's important we change our ways, we find things we forgot even existed. Resurrected blanket is such an item.

In 1997 friends were expecting their first child. I was deep in graduate school and much impressed that anyone would want to reproduce so I figured I would show my admiration by knitting a blanket for the blessed event. Clearly the event occurred before the completion of the blanket and thus the blanket was stuffed into a plastic bag. It must have made the move east with us and I have this vague memory of working on it again while pregnant with Bunny.

blanketFast forward… last week I found this, complete with Lion Band Imagine yarn, hanging on size 15 circs. Also in the bag were some size 13 circs (another project perhaps?) but no pattern. It looked like it would be pretty easy to figure out the pattern, but I was annoyed I didn't have it…

Here are some close-ups in case you want to play along!!

So I did what any good knitter would do… I went to google! With a little searching I came across this. Looks pretty similar doesn't it? So using her pattern, and some counting of what I have already done I am back on track! Maybe I can this done soon. Certainly before the yarn is 10 years old. I know of a number of bundles on the way, this can go to one of them!

Butterfly BunnyBunny went to the dentist today. He did really well and I was impressed with the care the hygienist took with him. He got a pink frog, a pink fish, a pink dino sticker, and a pink balloon. He picked out a purple toothbrush because they didn't have pink. Here he is modeling the pink butterfly he had painted on at the gym Monday. May I be so lucky that he always chooses what he likes and not what others think he should choose!

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